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  • Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

    Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

    The storage of fire extinguishing water plays a key role in the safety of all buildings and systems. The water supply is usually not sufficient in the event of a fire. In these cases, the authorities often stipulate that a sufficient amount of

  • FRP Storage Tanks

    FRP Storage Tanks

    Our principal, Rostfrei has most integrated SMC manufacturing facilities in India and is one of the very few concerns having such facilities under one roof, worldwide. Rostfrei is continuously developing new products for Indian as well as for the

  • GSF Tanks

    GSF Tanks

    Glass Fused Steel tanks (GFS) also called as Glass Lined Steel tanks(GLS) are made by fusing stainless steel and glass. The reason for fusing glass with steel is to enhance the properties of the latter. Single Steel is vulnerable to environmental

  • PVC Tank Liner

    PVC Tank Liner

    Tank liners prevent the material stored in the tank to keep contact with the tank surface thereby ensuring the stored material to remain contamination free. It does so in the following ways:


    • Improves
  • Zincalume Tanks

    Zincalume Tanks

    Bolted Storage Tanks come in various sizes and are suitable for numerous applications like Fire Water Tank, Raw Water Tank, Industrial Liquid Storage Tanks, Bio-Digester Tank, Zincalume Tank, Glass Fused To Steel Tank and RO Tank. Rostfrei Steels


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