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Water Meter

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Water Meter

We offer high grade Water Meters that are specifically designed keeping in mind the various parameters of quality and other related standards. Available in various types, single jet meter and Multi-jet meter, our Water meters render trouble free performance for a longer time period. Single jet meter uses only one port to create jet water whereas Multi-jet meter uses multiple ports to create jet of water against the turbine. Multijet Type water meter is widely used in applications where small quantities need to be metered. Horizontal Woltmann Water Meter with large turn-down is used for accurate measurement of water distribution.

  • Available in sizes 15 mm to 500 mm
  • Guarantees a high measuring accuracy
  • Long-term stability of the measuring results
  • These are manufactured strictly as per latest International standards confirming to ISO 4064 Class B
  • Our multi-jet turbine meters are designed for situations where a wide flow range must be covered
  • Quick responsiveness, even at low flow rates
  • Combined with power reserves for high flow rates makes this meter model the ideal partner for Service connections in water supply

  • 15mm to 500mm Diameter
  • Single jet
  • Multijet
  • Woltmann
  • Hot and Cold water application

  • Public water supply system
  • Apartments
  • Industrial purpose

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